A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made for the second edition of the ESNE GameJamOn.


For this jam, our games had to be centered around bars. For me, these places allow us to have the conversations we do not have the time to have at work, no matter how trivial these conversations might be. Making an audio-only interactive fiction was an easy decision for me, as it gave me the opportunity to do something a bit different from what I might be used to.

I would be happy to hear feedback from visually impaired players regarding the game´s accessibility.


A game by Edouard Lavenue (ecplav).

I´ve used https://ttsmp3.com/ in order to generate my text-to-speech tracks. Walla sounds were in public domain.

Install instructions

Just unzip and double-click the .exe file.


AfterWork.zip 25 MB

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